Lisa Tannenbaum

Lisa Tannenbaum

I’ve lived in the shadow of the Sandia mountains since 1985. In 2002 I moved up to the foothills and started hiking. I haven’t stopped since.

I could never have imagined how many things I’d learn, how hiking the same trails over and over (and over) would allow me to see ever more details, or how I’d discover that each year is dramatically different from the ones before it, even while the broad contours remain the same. Most of all, I couldn’t possibly have foreseen how much joy I’d derive from being a witness to the many incremental changes in the Sandia mountains and foothills — again and again (and again).

Please don’t confuse my enthusiasm for all that I’ve found, particularly wildflowers and butterflies, with actual knowledge. While I’ve done my best to identify Mother Nature’s creations correctly, you’d be wise not to accept my IDs as the gospel truth.

Thanks for joining me in my ramblings through the Sandias.

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