Seems like I usually see mock orange in late spring, late May or early June, and I think I usually see it between 6,000 and 7,000 feet. Actually, I usually smell it long before I see it. It’s one of the most fragrant flowers in the Sandias (or maybe anywhere).

I was hiking along La Luz yesterday, between the spur trail and the tram — well above 10,000 feet, in other words — when I imagined I smelled mock orange. I didn’t think it was possible, both because of the late date and the elevation, but lo and behold! There was a small bush, more or less growing out of the limestone immediately beneath the Crest. (I smelled it a couple of other times along that trail as well but this was the only one I could see.) Decent photos of mock orange have eluded me in the past, so I made the best use I could of these two little flowers hanging down beneath the all the rest.

Mock Orange Flowers

Mock Orange Blossoms